A Wealth of Culture and Leisure Activities

Furesø Municipality is home to a wide variety of art galleries and museums. With 3 libraries, several culture centres and plenty of opportunities to exercise indoors or outdoors, Furesø Municipality provides a huge range of cultural and physical activities to the citizens.

The two culture centres are venues for a wide range of cultural events, including concerts, theatre plays, dance shows and readings. Kulturhuset in Farum houses a Cinema, Grafen, run by volunteers. Værløse Bio & Café is located in the central part of Værløse. The culture centre in Værløse is called Galaksen and hosts many exciting artistic events, including circus shows, storytelling, musicals and concerts.

Local history has always been an important part of Furesø Municipality. Furesø Museer (Furesø Museums) consist of four historical buildings in the municipality that together cover ancient and modern history of Furesø. 

Furesø Municipality has three libraries, in Farum, Hareskov and Værløse respectively. So you are never far from a good read. Our libraries are great places to find community events and activities such as workshops, book release parties, author readings and story times. 

Exploring Art and Nature

Art and nature play an important role in Furesø and we have made an effort to combine the two. Farum Søsti is a 10 kilometer trail around Farum Lake which offers a unigue nature. For each kilometer, the route is marked with a stone that bears a relief of an animal or a plant that is common to the area. The art Work is carved by the local artist Olav Johannisson. If you follow the route in a clockwise direction, you will also pass stones with arrow markers showing the way in those locations where you might otherwise be unsure. Below, you will find a map showing the Farum Søsti trail.

Farum Søsti trail

You may also visit the home page of The Danish Nature Agency. Here, you will find information on a wide range of outdoor activities as well as apply for permits for using the Nature Agency's properties.

Sport in Furesø Municipality

Both the professional athlete and the general public can pursue their passion for sport in Furesø. Many sports events are held in Furesø Municipality every year. The local football team FC Nordsjælland is the reigning Danish Superliga champions. Elite badminton players and rowers also have their home ground in Furesø Municipality.

The municipality has many associations and well-kept sports facilities that are popular with local residents. There are many options open to people who want to practise sport on their own, or who would like to join a sports club. There is a wealth of activities and sporting disciplines, including swimming, football, tennis, golfing and mountain biking.

The municipality also offers the opportunity to enjoy sporting activities in the outdoors. You can jog or walk on a fitness trail or follow the 10 km route around Farum Lake.

We love water in Furesø Municipality. In addition to some beautiful lakes, you will find two excellent swimming pools that cater for the whole family and for swimming enthusiasts, young or old.

You can search an activity on Map of Furesø Municipality by clicking here. To use the map and find the information on a particular sport activity, you must mark of in the boxes in the top left corner to see where you find trails for hiking, biking and riding as well as various outdoor sports and activities in water.

The forests and countryside are perfect for Obstacle Course Racing (OCR). Click here to see a map of trails. To use the map, you must click on a marked area and download the preferred trail.



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