Danish football champions

Furesø Municipality has some of the best sports clubs in the country. Local football team FC Nordsjælland won silver in the Danish Superliga this year and gold in 2011-2012. The municipality’s sports clubs also excel in badminton, basketball, skiing and rowing.

World tennis star Caroline Wozniacki has trained in Farum Tennisklub. It is not all elite sports and world-class athletes - Furesø Municipality is closely associated with sports in general: In relation to population size, Furesø Municipality has the highest percentage of residents who participate in sport in Denmark. Around 120 sports clubs cater for thousands of active members, who enjoy excellent sporting facilities and great membership terms.

Furesø Municipality also has beautiful countryside that includes forests with hiking trails and lakes you can swim in and sail on. The municipality is home to a rich and diverse cultural life that you will never cease to inspire. It has excellent schools, institutions, swimming pools, cinemas, museums, vibrant culture centres and a thriving culture scene.

Furesø Municipality has everything you need to pursue an interesting and active life. Whether you prefer the countryside and outdoor activities or art and cultural experiences, Furesø Municipality is the ideal community. It offers a wealth of options, including outdoor pursuits, bicycling and hiking and cultural heritage experiences.

Facts about Furesø Municipality

The municipality covers a total area of 56 km2, of which only about a third is urban. It has 14 km2 of forest, 8 km2 of lakes and beautiful open countryside. The countryside means a lot to Furesø Municipality. A well-developed system of paths provides residents with a wealth of options from which to explore, view and experience the area’s natural beauty and its historical attractions.

The municipality has several lakes. Furesøen is the largest and it is popular with many water sports enthusiasts and a popular destination for bathers and people just wanting to enjoy the great outdoors. Furesøbad, the lake’s official bathing site has a beach and bathing jetties. It also has a harbour which is used by several local sports clubs, a jetty for boats and a restaurant called Furesø Marina. Farum Lake and Søndersø lake are quieter places where bathing is also permitted.

Furesø Municipality is located about 20 km north of north of Copenhagen, with a nearby motorway and excellent public transport links. The S-train network operates trains from both Værløse and Farum station several times an hour and Copenhagen’s main square Rådhuspladsen, is only 30 minutes away. At weekends, a special night S-train also runs every hour throughout the night. Furesø residents enjoy the best of both worlds: the beautiful quiet countryside and Copenhagen’s vibrant city life.

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