Excellent homes and close to Copenhagen

Furesø Municipality has many attractive high-quality homes with open countryside nearby. The business community is an important part of Furesø Municipality, creating jobs, life and great opportunities in the heart of our communities. Creating and running a business should be an easy and attractive option – Furesø Municipality strives to make it as easy as possible for businesses to be successful.

Live in the heart of the countryside, close to the capital’s heartbeat

When you live in Furesø Municipality, you get the best of both worlds. You can choose to live in diverse town centres and local areas, all of them located between forests, lakes and meadows. Furesø has many beautiful residential areas, with something to suit everyone’s tastes. This includes Hareskovby, which has many small lakes in the heart of the forest and has new exciting properties located in scenic surroundings in the former Værlose air base, and Farum Barracks which is next to an international golf course. There are residential areas in the two central towns Farum and Værløse, which are still close to lakes, countryside and forest. Furesø is characterised by this strong relationship between town and countryside.

Furesø is also centrally located, midway between Copenhagen and North Zealand. We are part of the Greater Copenhagen area and close to North Zealand – with a wealth of options for education, employment, culture and other rich experiences that this area brings.

Town centres and squares with stores to suit every taste

There are a wealth of stores in both Farum Bytorv and Værløse Bymidte shopping centres. The municipality also has two swimming pools, three libraries and two culture centres. With both Farum Bytorv and Værløse Bymidte, you will almost certainly find what you are looking for. Værløse Bymidte is a beautiful shopping centre with many specialist stores and supermarkets. Farum Bytorv is a local shopping centre which includes delicatessens, supermarkets and a wide range of clothes stores.

Our kindergartens, crèches, after-school centres, clubs and youth clubs provide an excellent setting for our children and we focus every day on providing children and young adults with an excellent environment to play and learn in. Furesø Municipality has seven schools, as well as after-school centres, recreational centres, youth clubs and kids activities.

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