Fabulous Furesø

Den smukke Furesø med badebro
Welcome to Furesø Municipality, where beautiful countryside, elite successful teams and diverse local sports help to create a winning municipality with a real sense of community. Furesø Municipality is more than popular sporting activities and wonderful countryside - it is also home to a vibrant culture scene, a creative melting pot that has something for everyone, whatever their artistic preferences.
» Danish football championsFuresø Municipality has some of the best sports clubs in the country. Local football team FC Nordsjælland won silver in the Danish Superliga this year and gold in 2011-2012. The municipality’s sports clubs also excel in badminton, basketball...
» Excellent homes and close to CopenhagenFuresø Municipality has many attractive high-quality homes with open countryside nearby. The business community is an important part of Furesø Municipality, creating jobs, life and great opportunities in the heart of our communities. Creating...
» Countryside right outside your doorFuresø is a green paradise close to the capital city. We have a beautiful life, with the best options for enjoying diverse outdoor activities and natural attractions. Everyone – children and adults alike – can pursue outdoor leisure activities...
» A Wealth of Culture and Leisure ActivitiesFuresø Municipality is home to a wide variety of art galleries and museums. With 3 libraries, several culture centres and plenty of opportunities to exercise indoors or outdoors, Furesø Municipality provides a huge range of cultural and physical...
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The Municipality of Furesø

Phone: +45 7235 4000

CVR.: 29188327

Opening hours:
Monday-friday 10 am - 14 pm 
Thursday 10 am - 17 pm 

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